Brazilian Wax

As Brazilian Wax guru Marilyn Jaeger once said, “If you want to sell the house, you’ve got to mow the lawn.” If you want to feel a little bit more confident about strutting out in your bikini, or if you just want to know a little more, read on!

Waxing has a long history that goes back centuries. Long ago women used to practice it for religious or hygiene reasons, not quite the same reasons why we do it today. In the west, bikini waxing is fairly recent having started to gain popularity in the 20th century. In fact, the brazilian style of waxing didn’t really take off in the USA until the late 80s/early 90s, when Manhattan’s J.Sisters International Salon, owned by seven brazilian born sisters, started to offer the treatment. Soon after, popularity exploded as people became attracted to the idea of not having to worry about their bikini line for weeks. Before long, the treatment made it into the media – since appearing in magazines and on TV, the reputation of brazilian bikini waxing has gone from strength to strength.

The treatment is fairly widespread today and offers some really useful advantages. First off, the obvious one is that it makes you feel much smoother, and that can make you feel much sexier. Anything that makes you more confident about your body is naturally a plus point! Also, some women have reported that after the wax they are more sensitive down there, which has its obvious advantages!
Once you’ve had it done, the hair usually won’t grow back for around a month – up to 6 weeks if you’re lucky.  It’s the low maintenance aspect of  brazilian waxing that has convinced to many to get it done. Who wants to be thinking about shaving down there when they’re going on holiday?
On top of all that, waxing offers advantages that shaving doesn’t:

  • You won’t get razor bumps from waxing, but this is a possibility with shaving.
  • When done right, waxing lasts longer as the whole hair is removed, including the root.
  • Shaving can leave the tip of the hair to be sharp, which can cause a lot more irritation if caught under the skin. The entire hair will have to regrow after waxing, so the tip will be much finer.
  • It is easier to be left completely smooth with a well done bikini wax than it is with shaving, since all hair is removed.
  • The possibility of ingrown hairs is reduced (not removed entirely) with waxing compared to shaving. This is because a wax will also remove the very top layer of dead skin as well, leaving it less likely for any hair that grows afterwards to get caught under the skin.


That being said, there are things you need to bear in mind with waxing your bikini line. The benefits are great, but you need to be aware of a few things:

  • First of all, be aware that there is a chance of some pain during the treatment. It differs from person to person, so you won’t know for sure until you try it yourself. However, any pain is short lived due to the nature of waxing (all the hairs are pulled out in one go, rather that slowly one by one (thank god!))
  • Because of the nature of what is going on, your bikini waxer will see a lot of your body. Sometimes you get a paper thong, but often you don’t as it can get in the way. This can make some people nervous, but just remember that (if you’ve done your research beforehand) this person is a professional. They’ve done this many times over, and it isn’t too different to your doctor seeing you undressed.
  • Be aware that a brazilian wax can leave ingrown hairs if you’re prone to them. It isn’t as common as it is with shaving, but it can happen. A good exfoliating product can help a lot. In our experience, a good anti ingrown hair product such as Tend Skin can be really effective.
  • Finally, and this is important, be careful about where you get it done! A brazilian wax is more difficult to get right than any other kind of wax, due to the nature of your hair down there – it has a tendency to grow in lots of different directions which means that the waxer has to take care. Not to mention that things are really sensitive down there! Do your research and go to someone that does a lot of bikini waxes. You’re ideally looking for a licensed esthetician, which is somebody who has been professionally trained in skincare and will know what they’re doing when they take care of you. When you go in, everything should be clean. Also, the person that is working on you should never, EVER “double dip” the applicator they use on you into the wax. This is a big no no and a sign that you should put a stop to everything!


All that may have made a brazilian seem a little scary, but it is only to make sure you’re not misinformed. It really is easy to get done and side effects really are rare. When it comes to a bikini wax, risks are minimized with just two steps. Make sure the person that waxes you knows what they’re doing, and take care of your skin if you know you’re prone to ingrown hairs.
If you do that, you’re well on your way to your brazilian wax making you feeling a lot sexier and smoother than ever before!

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